Issue #2 – Pinch Me, I’m not Wearing Green!


So, I’m not Irish. I’m of Dutch decent, so I appreciate my beer and I hang out with a lot of beer drinkers. So on holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, in the words of Murphy McManus (Boondock Saints), “It’s St. Patty’s Day. We’re all Irish today.”  Now just like with Cinco de Mayo, Americans will find any reason to eat good food and get wasted. Most of us don’t even know the real history behind the holiday itself and ignorantly misquote things they’ve read and such. I’m not going to give you a history lesson- you can Google it yourself. It’s quite an interesting story and there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings.

Beer: Beer has become such a trendy beverage, which makes me mad, because now everyone thinks they’re an expert. Shut up and drink your Budlight. All of a sudden you’re an expert with ales, lagers, ciders, stouts…blah blah blah.  My personal go to beer is generally a Corona or Modelo, but will take a Stella or Blue Moon. If I’m craving something sweet, I go for a Redd’s Apple Ale. But on St. Patty’s Day, I try to get into the Irish spirit and go with a Black and Tan. (Also called a Half and Half, which I hear is the preferable name in Ireland.)  Black and Tans are made with pouring Guinness over the top of a pale ale. When poured properly, they don’t mix and you get a black and tan effect. Looks awesome.  Guinness is good, but am glad I only have it once a year. A Guinness hangover for me is most unpleasant.  The amount of consumption on St. Patrick’s Day is insane and I’ve witness many a bar fight, vomiting, public intoxication, public fornication and plenty of shenanigans all in the name of St. Patrick’s Day. Dear Friends- remember, you have to go to work the next day and no one wants to smell your dragon beer breath.


Hangover Cures:  So I opened up the floor on my Facebook and Instagram pages and asked people what their favorite hangover cures are. Mine personally isn’t really a cure, but it makes me feel better anyway- A michelada (preferably made with Negra Modelo and without TOO much clamato) and a bowl of posole or menudo, but it has to be spicy and served super hot. Homemade tortillas or bread make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside too.  So if you’ve been looking for ways to feel better the morning after, here are some ideas from my Social Media World:

-Gloria: Menudo, Shrimp Cocktail or Another Beer

-Jessica: Breakfast Burrito or anything greasy

-Gia: Kombucha! The kind that has alcohol in it.

-Krystle: Cheeseburgers!

-Veronica:  Guava Leaf Tea

-Renee: Puking

-Julia: A big glass of water and two aspirin BEFORE you go to sleep


Corned Beef and Cabbage: I won’t say much here. I make it every year and enjoy every bite. I’m a fat girl who loves her food. What’s not to love about Corned Beef and Cabbage? Even better, enjoy it the next morning with a fried egg and toast. Um, yes please. Use a crock pot and one of the Corned Beef Kits. With the kits, all you need to grab is a head or two of cabbage and extra red potatoes.


Pinch Me- I’m Not Wearing Green: I don’t have any idea where this “tradition” started and I don’t want to look it up, so I’m just going to say….I like NOT wearing green on St. Patty’s Day…PINCH ME! I like it. Well, don’t leave a bruise or anything. It’s one of the only days where unwanted touching is deemed appropriate.  So pinch away, my dears, pinch away!


So while this is a short entry and maybe not too exciting of one but it’s a little something to hold you over for the week. Celebrate well my friends and drink up!

We’re all Irish this weekend!

And a special Happy Birthday to my main man, my baby boy Dominic! Who turned 7 on the 13th! Happy Birthday, mijo! ❤ ❤



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